Our History

We are driven by a desire to deliver success for our customers and employees. After nearly 27 years, together, we will continue to do what is best for you.


Founded in 1991 by Michel Farley, Varitron is about to celebrate its 25th birthday. Since its inception, with less than a half-dozen employees, Varitron  has experienced continual and steady growth and it now employs more than 350 employees.

Locations include the Greater Montreal Area (Saint Hubert and Granby) in Québec and in the Greater Boston area in the United States (Hudson).

Among the Top 5 EMS corporations in Canada, Varitron works in most of today’s cutting edge sectors, including Networking, Defense, Optics, Aeronautics, Transportation, security, Telecommunications, Automation and Medical.

Varitron’s source of success is its people. Its team of experts is shared by its dedicated leadership team and long term employees that ensure endurance and consistency of performance.

In order to fast-track its development and maintain its leadership  position, Varitron has forged partnerships with Investissement Québec, C2MI, Asteelflash and other major stakeholders in complementary sectors.

Today, Varitron Technologies Inc. is a key player in the development of local, national and international electronics initiatives.


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