Continuous Improvement



Varitron’s productivity edge, gained from our equipment and technology, runs the risk of becoming overwhelmed by inefficient processes and bureaucratic torpor. To avoid slowing our processes, Varitron has adopted LEAN manufacturing concepts and has implemented a continuous-improvement program for both manufacturing and businesses processes.

This program benefits from monthly follow-ups conducted by the Corporate Steering Committee.

Activities are undertaken at regular intervals to achieve systematic waste elimination in all processes. More than 90% of Varitron’s employees have been trained or have participated in a LEAN workshop.



Kaïzen, 5S, Poka-Yoke, Kanban and SMED are some of the tools used and implemented throughout the production floor and offices. The net result is a significant improvement in reducing NPI (national provider identifier) turnaround time and eliminating NVA (non-value-added) activities.



5S  is a cornerstone of Kaizen and LEAN manufacturing principles. It is widely accepted as a basic part of any efficient organization. Varitron’s 5S approach is carefully deployed in the offices and its production floor to provide for a more standardized, better organized and more easily identifiable workstation.



DFX is part of our continuous-improvement program under which designs are continuously challenged to facilitate manufacturing, testing and services.  Our team of talented technicians is well trained in how to suggest design improvements that will reduce manufacturing costs and facilitate services.



Good understanding of your product, supply chain and manufacturing strategy will enable us to develop and propose a cost-reduction roadmap that will help you deal with challenging Time TMarket and Cost TMarket pressures.



Yield management is part of our Key Performance Indicator. Our active-yield monitoring system is available for each product, each line and each production unit we build.

Using statistical analysis tools, our team of technicians and engineers will identify trends and take all necessary action early in each manufacturing step.



Today’s market requires quick turnaround times and flexibility to adjust production quickly.

Varitron has the ability to offer programs that will help adjust to demand upswings or downswings with minimal impact on cost, without affecting service.


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