Engineering Solutions


At Varitron, we share our design expertise to help you. This will enable you to reduce manufacturing costs, maximize reliability, decrease manufacturing lead times and eliminate recurring problems.

Our team of experts can participate and support all your design phases, from the early stages of preliminary design review to design for manufacturing, using world-class design guidelines validated in our production areas. Experience gained over the years by servicing hundred of customers is at your reach.



The Bill of Material (BOM) is considered one of the most important documents in fabricating an electronic product.

Varitron systematically performs a comprehensive review of each BOM. For cost drivers, we will identify component substitutions (submit for your approval) that offer same fit, form and function at lower cost than original selected components.



Our NPI (New Product Introduction) team can provide the fastest prototype in the business. We have dedicated production equipment and a full production team to develop your prototypes and limited runs when you are ready. Varitron’s flexibility, knowledge in electronic assembly and desire to meet your requirements are what makes us the best in the business.



Electronic assembly validation is handled through component inspection and proven assembly processes. To reduce costly defects, we offer on-site functional testing that provides early problem detection.

Our test department can perform ICT, Functional, JTAG, Boundary Scan, AOI, Flying Probe, 5D XRay and more, depending on your product requirements.

Varitron’s engineering team and partners can help you develop the most effective test strategy to optimize the validation process and ensure maximum yield rate and maximum coverage for every product assembled within our walls.



Our partner, an Engineering global leader, support all the conception activities in collaboration with our manufacturing and clients teams. With more that 600 collaborators located on 4 continents, you will have the required expertise to work on any challenge related to your product life cycle needs.


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