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Varitron offers complete “build to print” services, from component assembly to final mechanical integration.  We have the capability and knowledge to assemble your product, using our comprehensive experience in electronics and in mechanical, electrical and systems integration.

Our integration cells can add your PCBA into an enclosure, or they can go further, delivering a fully tested unit with cables, switches, fuses, display and packaging, ready for international shipment.

Our experience and fully qualified personnel can help you identify the best components to meet your product requirements and provide supply-chain services that lead to  lowest Total Cost of Ownership.



PCBA assembly is the nucleus of Varitron’s activities and the foundation of our success.  Use of the  latest technologies on surface mount assemblies, combined with a craftsman’s concern for perfection, enables our production team to achieve a high level of throughput and yield for the most complex and demanding Class 2 and Class 3 PCBA.

Through-hole and surface-mount components needed for your products are assembled with care and concern for perfection. Through-hole component installation costs are kept under tight control by means of  efficient and lean assembly cell concepts and usage. Also, our staff’s high levels of work ethics, product verification and process validation provides a stable and competitive assembly that competes with the best in its class.



Refurbishing a unit makes sense in a world where extending the useful life of a product is cost-effective.  Varitron’s Repair and Overhaul (R&O) team is fully equipped to repair, upgrade, reconfigure, retrofit or service any type of unit, regardless of where it was assembled.

Our technicians will diagnose, repair, perform root-cause analysis and recertify units from the fields, within your guidelines, and extend the life of your product.

As an authorized repair centre, we can provide Class B or Class C inventory management as well as seed-stock strategy to service your installed base.


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