Loyalty to our customers

Customer satisfaction is paramount, going above and beyond contractual agreements. We like to develop personal relationships with each of our customers to get a better understanding of how we can help them meet their challenges.

We benefit from a base of very loyal customers that have been with us for an average of


Proactive to
offer custom

Our service offerings go far beyond manufacturing prices alone. Our management team will develop for you a manufacturing strategy, a cost-reduction plan and a continuous-improvement model suited to your needs. Our partner in design and redesign, a global leader in electronic engineering solutions, is available to support your product evolution needs.

Ability to adjust
to market pressure

We know how to transfer production quickly when market pressure shifts from time to market to cost to market. We work proactively with a Tier One CM present on


Flexibly to support demand fluctuation and products evolution

With our short equipment set-­up time, on­line work instruction, dedicated NPI equipment/team and agility program, we can provide services adapted to the constantly changing market conditions you may face.


Solid track record

In 2010 we have doubled our Granby facility.

In 2012 we are doing the same with
our Saint-­Hubert facility.

In 2018 RPM Rapide Prototipage

In 2019 Creation of the research and development center in Bromont


We are growing at a rapid pace
and our finances are solid
and well controlled.


High Quality and Strong technical team

We constantly monitor leading-­edge technology and work on innovative projects in close collaboration with universities in Canada and the United States. We are an active member of the IPC task force developing manufacturing processes. Our IPC-certified trainers make sure that everybody involved with your product is fully trained and qualified.


The high automation levels made possible by our state-of-the-art equipment, our flexible workforce and our low-margin and supply-chain strategies are all factors that provide for some of


Security of supply
equal peace of mind

Our three manufacturing plant locations coupled with our business continuity plan enable us to counter threats of manufacturing disruption with minimal impact on our customers.

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