Varitron and EMM Groupe sign a memorandum of understanding with the Italian company Mios Elettronica

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Varitron and EMM Groupe sign a memorandum of understanding
with the Italian company Mios Elettronica


Innotrans(From left to right: Andrea Rosa, CEO, Mios Elettronica , Claude Trudelle, General Delegate of Québec in Munich, Martial Vincent, CEO, Varitron, Éric Martin, President, EMM Groupe, Vincent Dugré, Vice President – Operations, Pôle d’excellence québécois en transport terrestre)

Saint-Hubert, Québec (September 21, 2016)
– During the mission led by Export Québec to the InnoTrans 2016 trade fair being held in Berlin, and in collaboration with the Pôle d’excellence québécois en transport terrestre, the Québec Delegation in Munich and the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, a memorandum of understanding has been produced and signed by Varitron, based in Saint-Hubert, Québec, EMM Groupe, based in Québec City, and the Italian company Mios Elettronica with the aim of jointly developing the North American market for onboard systems and products with high technology content designed for the North American railway market.

Over the last three years, Varitron, Mios Elettronica and EMM Groupe have worked together to develop commercial relationships and to gain a greater understanding of the North American railway market with the aim of creating a value-added consortium combining their respective strengths.

As part of this agreement, Varitron will manufacture and assemble the components, EMM Groupe will handle sales and marketing, while Mios Elettronica will be in charge of the design and development of technologies, products and applications for train automation and onboard communication.

Accordingly, Mios Elettronica has just recently established an operation in Québec to serve the North American market. With the combined expertise and know-how of Mios in design and of EMM Groupe in marketing, Varitron will be able to broaden its product portfolio and boost production at its Québec plants. The Pôle d’excellence québécois en transport terrestre (Québec Ground Transportation Cluster) will support the development of this Québec-based industrial consortium in the area of onboard electronic products and systems for the railway market. Potential short-term spinoffs include the creation of about 100 jobs within five years.

“Varitron is always on the lookout for new partnerships to explore additional market niches,” stated Varitron CEO Martial Vincent. “In the infrastructure field, the railway market offers major growth potential in North America. We are therefore proud to be teaming up with strong companies that are recognized for their expertise in this area and to benefit from the support of the Cluster in this new venture.”

Andrea Rosa, CEO of Mios Elettronica, noted: “Canada in general and Québec in particular offer ideal conditions for the creation of a new organization that seeks to develop, produce and market innovative on-board electronic systems for the North American railway market. This is due in particular to the favourable economic and tax environment, the presence of a strong railway ecosystem and the fact that this provides a preferred gateway for serving the North American market.” He added: “Certain products, including data recorders, have undergone major technological change, and we are determined to pursue the development of this type of innovative product in a more diversified and competitive environment.”

And Éric Martin, President of EMM Groupe, said: “We work closely with original equipment manufacturers and first tier suppliers for communication and security systems of the rail market and we are confident in our ability to seize the new opportunities that will be opening up in the short and medium term in this industry, which is experiencing fresh growth.”


About Varitron
Over the past 25 years, Varitron has carved out a select place in its market because of its manufacturing expertise and cutting-edge equipment, enabling it to provide complete service, along with world-class quality standards, in the energy, telecommunications, aerospace, medical, military and automotive industries. With its three plants, located in Hudson, New Hampshire, as well as in Québec, and, together with its many partnership agreements and strategic alliances with key players on the international scene, Varitron is able, more than ever, to serve its customers well and to work alongside them in their innovation and development efforts.

About Mios Elettronica

MIOS Elettronica offers a complete range of solutions and electronic devices for train automation and onboard train communication applications. All its products are based on a modular and structured architecture that ensures first-class reliability, high flexibility, and simplified configuration and maintenance, coupled with competitive costs. All our products are homologated in accordance with European and American standards.

About EMM Groupe

EMM Groupe is a major player in professional services involving land transportation in North America. It offers a full range of transportation-related services, including feasibility studies, project management, strategic planning and market development.

About the Québec Ground Transportation Cluster

The mission of the Pôle d’excellence québécois en transport terrestre (Québec Ground Transportation Cluster) is to create a strong and unified hub for the ground transportation sector in Québec, one that will take action to encourage the industry’s mobilization, growth, competitiveness and influence, and ensure its long-term development. With its strong expertise in international markets and its commitment to support member manufacturers of transportation equipment in their business development through means including the marketing of their products abroad, the Cluster organizes activities of international scope as well as innovation consortiums and economic missions outside Québec.



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